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The World of Collision Repair is Rapidly Changing

As we approach the end of another decade, we enter another era of change. The same applies to the automotive repair industry.

Automobiles are more advanced than EVER before! We may have not reached the full potential of flying cars yet, but the technology surrounding some of the industry's top model vehicles is mind blowing. From self parking to completely autonomous, auto repair facilities must adapt and this is something to consider when researching a shop to fix up your car.

One way for shops to stay with the times is to ensure that their techs continue to renew their certifications. This introduces updated OEM factory repair specifications, changes in refinish procedures, and new tools in the industry.

Here at DeLaveaga Collision, we have encountered many new challenges in the repair process. Auto body panels must be handled a certain way to ensure that lane departure, adaptive cruise control, and parking sensors continue to work correctly. Vehicles computers should be scanned before and after repairs to make sure all features are functioning properly. Aluminum has become more popular for increasing fuel efficiency. Aluminum is a whole other ball game!

We love to keep up with the automotive industry news and work to incorporate new technology and knowledge into our everyday practices. Stay tuned for future blogs from us as we explore tips, news, and fun from the world of auto body collision repair.


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